Welcome to Blue Marble Cocktails

When we set out to make the best ready-to-drink cocktails in the world, it became obvious to reach this goal we had to use the best ingredients found on Earth.

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An entire family of ready-to-drink cocktails.
Bartender not required.

Unlike other sweetened can brands that offer products containing dyes and low quality ingredients, Blue Marble Cocktails is the only brand-in-a-can offering ultra-premium quality and taste.

Keep The Blue Marble Blue

Take a sip of our ultra-premium cocktails and know we are committed to donating a portion of proceeds to global conservation and environmental keeping our blue marble blue.


Crafted With:

100x Distilled Vodka
All-Natural Cranberry Juice
Handcrafted Triple Sec
All-Natural Lime Juice

200 ML | 15% ALC/VOL

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