Stay top-of-mind with reporters and win better coverage

PR Aware from NewsDriver subscription platform provides a continuous “whisper in the ear” to media and influencers via social media

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PR Aware fixes a universal pain point for PR teams: Reporters are less likely to cover brands they don’t know and only infrequently get press releases or story pitches.

By leveraging NewsDriver’s targeting platform and paid social,
PR Aware grows awareness by delivering a steady flow of brand messaging directly into targeted journalists’ and influencers’ social media feeds.

“A single or infrequent touch point with reporters just doesn’t cut it in today’s oversaturated content world. Better brand awareness drives improved response to PR pitches and press releases. While companies invest heavily in consumer brand awareness, media brand awareness is all too often ignored. We solve this challenge.”

Peter Brand,
NewsDriver founder and CEO

PR Aware provides a fast and low-cost way for public relations to keep an always-on presence with journalists and other influencers. At just $99/month, PR Aware delivers a key public relations brand message to reporters’ social media news feeds in the form of promoted content. Live analytics let PR teams easily track their PR brand awareness over time.

“By providing a continuous stream of PR-focused messaging to reporters, NewsDriver PR Aware boosts brand familiarity over time, and helps win a favorable response when it’s time to pitch big news. Reporters, like everyone else, engage better when they know who you are.”

Tom Becktold,
NewsDriver founder and CMO

About NewsDriver:

NewsDriver helps public relations teams improve engagement and coverage by connecting client content to data insights, rich media story formats, and social media targeting.

Founded in 2016 by PR industry veterans Peter Brand and Tom Becktold, the company offers three core services: PR Aware - building brand awareness with journalists to improve earned media coverage; PR Direct - delivering PR content directly to reporters, influencers and their audiences via social media; and Story Drivers - a media-rich format that converts press releases and other content into stories that thrive on social and mobile platforms.

NewsDriver is offering a limited number of PR Aware beta-subscriptions to public relations teams, with the first month’s subscription waived. To learn more, visit or



Tom Becktold, Founder/CMO or 310-866-6366

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