Walmart Highlights Economic, Societal and Environmental Progress in 2018 Global Responsibility
Report Summary

Summary outlines Walmart’s milestones toward increasing economic opportunity, enhancing sustainability and strengthening local communities

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We aim to increase economic opportunity in retail and retail supply chains

Bonuses for hourly Walmart U.S. associates totaled $625 million in FY2018
Providing great jobs and inclusive advancement in retail
230,000 associates promoted in Walmart U.S.
Women make up
30 percent
of company officers
& 55 percent
of our total U.S. workforce


We aim to enhance the
sustainability of our
operations and value chains

waste in our

By the end of
2017, 78 percent
of global waste diverted
from landfill

Reducing environmental impacts
A reported
34 million acres committed to fertilizer optimization programs
Reducing energy
intensity and emissions
≈28 percent

of electricity


We aim to help strengthen
local communities

Disaster relief
In FY2018, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation gave more than

$38 million
to hurricane relief

Relieving hunger
Since FY2015, Walmart donated 2.5 billion pounds of food in the U.S. alone
Supporting local communities
In FY2018 Walmart associates volunteered more than 850,000 hours

in the U.S.

"At Walmart, we believe strengthening societal systems is not only the responsible thing to do, it also maximizes business value."

Kathleen McLaughlin
President of the Walmart Foundation
and Chief Sustainability Officer for Walmart

2018 Walmart
Global Responsibility Report Summary

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