Public Relations and Marketing Convergence ~ A Partnership or A Fierce Battle?

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Risk and reward in our brave world of social media has never been greater. The immediacy of impact is striking, with smartphones creating instant influencers and audiences, crisis and opportunity, anywhere and everywhere.

The social media impact on brands is undeniable — reputations and revenue are at stake every moment of every day.

An overbooking confrontation caught on video sends United Airlines into a tailspin — impacting brand reputation and the bottom line.

A light-hearted fan request turns into brand opportunity ~ Wendy’s and #NuggsForCarter ~ generating massive amounts of earned, shared and owned media engagement.

Social Drives Convergence

Social media is a driving force in communications convergence conversations because it crosses paid-earned-shared-owned (PESO) lanes that were traditionally helmed by different segments of the communications ecosystem.

How PR Takes the Wheel

Together with co-founder Peter Brand, we adapt and reimagine press releases for mobile and social audiences, and then use algorithmic insights and paid social to distribute directly to the audiences of social influencers. And we measure it all, tracking impressions by influencer, click-through-rates, and other calls-to-action that align with public relations and marketing key performance indicators (KPIs).

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